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LX-SF80 Fully automatic shrink packaging machine is an intelligent and continuous equipment,whose max packing speed is 80 pack/min. It is suitable for a single product or a set of products,such as aluminum foil, silicon paper, cling film, bag rolls and so on.It is widely used in food,daily necessities, medicine, hardware, chemical and other industries.







·  PLC自动控制,变频调速,触摸屏操作界面。

· 光电气动一体化设计,连续式运动原理。 

· 设有自动上纸、上卷包装成型收缩。

· 成品自动计数、检测等功能。

· 适合单个产品或组合产品




Performance & Feature:


· PLC control, frequency control, Easy to use with color touch screen.


· Drived by electric and pneumatic, continuous transport system.


· Available feeding devices for paper and product, the paper will be folded and products wil be wrapped and shrink with film automatically.


· Automatic counting and detection, etc.


· Suitable for a single product or a set of products.



主要技术参数 Main technical parameters


电源  Power Supply AC380V 60HZ
外形尺寸 Overall Dimension  7800X1150X1700mm(LxWxH)
最大功率 Max Power 16.5KW
收缩膜类型 Film Type PVC/POF
生产能力 Capacity ≤80 包\每分钟 pack/min
包装尺寸  Package Size (80-320)x(30-180)x(5-50)mm(LxWxH)
最大膜宽  Max Film Size ≤ε590mm
最大纸张  Max Paper Size 350x210mm(LxW)
整机重量  Weight  1700KG

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LXSF80 Fully Automatic Shrink Packaging Machine