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LX-FH100 semi-automatic box sealing machine equipped with hot melt adhesive applicator is the continuous horizontal equipment . The equipment is suitable for a variety of carton sealed with glue, widely used in food, health care products, cosmetics, daily necessities, drugs and other industries.






·  PLC控制,彩色触摸屏操作简便

·  自动检测: 无盒子,不喷胶

· 稳定可靠

· 适用于多种规格,快速转换

· 为包装解决方案量身定制

· 包装速度可调



Performance & Feature:


· PLC control, easy to operate with color touch screen


· Automatic detection: no box, no gluing


· Stable and reliable


· Large range of formats, fast changeover


· Tailored for packaging solutions


· The packing speed is adjustable?



主要技术参数 Main technical parameters


生产能力  Capacity 60-100盒 box/min
最大纸盒 Max box size 300x200x80 mm(LxWxH)
最小纸盒 Min box size 100x40x20mm(LxWxH)
纸质要求 Available paper 250g-350g/m2
主电机功率 Main motor power 3.5KW
电源 Power supply 380V 50Hz
工作压力 Compressed air working pressure 0.6-0.8Par
耗气量 Compressedair consumption 150-200L/min
机器净重 Weight 1500KG
外形尺寸 Overalldimension 3200X900X1600mm(LxWxH)

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LX-FH100 Semi-automatic Box Sealing Machine