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LX-50GT Intermittent Patch Automatic Boxing Machine is special intelligent boxing equipment for patch. lt is suitable for automatic counting, boxing, and sealing packaging of plaster patch,operation patch and so on. The machine can finish automatically all actions of manual-transporting,paper box opening, patch & manual boxing, gluing and sealing. lt can be used separately or linked with the other machine together. Use HMl to control, and can be operated manually or automatically.








· PLC自动控制,变频调速,电器元件均采用国际知名品牌。







Performance & Feature:


·Controlled automatically by PLC, and speed is adjusted by frequency control system. Many of electrical appliances are made bY international famous brand. For example: apan OMRON PLC, SMC pneumatic element, Germany BECKER vacuum pump and Switzerland Robatech hot melt applicator.


·Can be operated manually or automatically. Two ways can be shifted freely. And the machine can stop automatically if overload happen.


·Can detect stuff-missing automatically. lt will not spray the glue when the tray is not in position.


·The malfunction, running speed and finished product count can be shown automatically.


·The mechanism pushing system is stable and has function of positioning stop.





主要技术参数 Main technical parameters


电源 Power Supply AC380V 60HZ
外形尺寸 Overall dimension 3500X1100X1600mm(LXWXH)
最大功率 Max power 4.5KW
噪音 Noise ≤80dB
生产能力 Speed ≤50盒/分(box per minter)
最大纸盒尺寸 Max box size 250X160X70mm(LXWXH)
最小纸盒尺寸 Min box size 120X40x20mm(LxWXH)
纸张的选用 Available paper ≥350克/平方米(G/SM)
纸盒糊盒工艺要求 彩盒糊盒前预折,压痕深彻。
环境温度 environment temperature 25士10°C
整机重量 Weight 2200KG

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LX-50GT Intermittent Patch Automatic Boxing Machine