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       性能特点 : 由传感元件,光电,机械过载保护等装置组成监视、报警、故障显示系统,并设有无产品不供应纸盒、无纸盒不喷胶、进盒不到位报警、连续多次无产品或过载自动停机等系列保护措施,以确保机器安全运行。








LX-80GT Fully Automatic Boxing Machine is special intelligent equipment which can box the material continuously and fully automatically.The maximum speed is 100 bpm(boxes per minute). The machine is suitable for facial mask chinese medication paste and so on. This machine uses the rotary box sucking system.


Performance & Feature:The machine has detection, alarm, fault display system which is compose of the sensor, photoelectricity.mechanical overload protection device. The paper box will not be supplied without material; the glue will not be sprayed without the paper box. The machine will alarm when the paper box is not in position, and will stop when the material is not supplied many times or overload is happed. The safe operation can be ensured.


The machine is controlled by PlC and human-machine interface. Adopts the principle of chain type moving continuously, the stability of the high-speed operation is ensured. The machine has the on-line interface for back-up. The paper box will not be sucked down and the glue wil not be sprayed when the material is not found on the conveyor belt by the photoelectric detection switch. The paper box will be avoided to waste.




主要技术参数 Main technical parameters


电源 Power Supply AC380V 60HZ
外形尺寸 Overall dimension 7200X2000X1800mm(LXWXH)
最大功率 Max power 6.0KW
噪音 Noise ≤80dB
生产能力 Speed ≤80盒/分(box per minter)
最大纸盒尺寸 Max box size 250X160x90mm(LXWXH)
最小纸盒尺寸 Min box size 120X80x20mm(LxWxH)
纸张的选用 Available paper ≥350克/平方米(G/SM)
纸盒糊盒工艺要求 彩盒糊盒前预折,压痕深彻。
环境温度 environment temperature 25士10°C
整机重量 Weight 3800KG

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LX-80GT Fully Automatic Facial mask/Plaster cartoning machine