Cartoner at a glance:

Leadwing  offers a wide range of cartoner to meet output requirements from 60 to 120 cartons per minute.
Both intermittent motion and continuous motion Cartoning Machines are capable of all standard types of closure systems for cartons from tuck-in to hot-melt.

Cartoning Machine Characteristics Max. output Carton size Principle
LX-HC120 Continuous motion 120 cartons/min Max.320x90x80mm Horizontal
LX-HC100 Continuous motion 100 cartons/min Max.320x145x80mm Horizontal
LX-HC80 Continuous motion 80 cartons/min Max.320x190x80mm Horizontal
LX-HI80 Intermittent motion 60 cartons/min Max.220x140x60mm Horizontal
LX-60 Continuous motion,for cling film/aluminum foil production 60 cartons/min Max.460x60x60mm Horizontal
LX-VI80 Intermittent motion, Single side 80 cartons/min Max.335x120x90mm Vertical
LX-VCR100 Continuous motion,Round type 60 cartons/min Custom Vertical



Product description

      The machine is suitable for capsule,tablet,big honey pill,candy,liquid,paste,syringe as well as irregular shape Al-plastic,paper-plastic composite and Al-Al sealing packing in pharmacy,healthcare,food,cosmetics,medical equipment industry etc, fully comply with“GMP”。


1.Adopts Siemens brand PLC programmable control, color touch-screen operation, frequency  control speed, servo with reducer traction, traction length can be adjust freely (within parameters scope) to avoid the error that caused by artificial mechanical adjustment, significantly reduce labor intensity and material waste;
2.Main machine overload protection, PVC and PTP packaging material position detection and alarm shutdown, automatic fault diagnosis, alarm and automatic shutdown protection;

3.Use aluminum special feeder,feeding smoothly and evenly to ensure the safety and integrity of the goods;

4.Each working position of the whole adopts quick-loading design, suitable for multi-product production, easier and more reliable to change mould (to change a mold just need about 30 minutes);

5.Adopts special processing and assembly process to ensure that AL foil is balance and do not run slating and shake, prompts the register more accurate and stable;

6.Automatic waste winding device, easy to collect waste, orderly finished output, the output ora installed conveyor to provide the necessary conditions for the following manufacturing;

7.One machine for two use, you can replace a small part of the structure to manufacture Aluminum-Plastic or aluminum-aluminum products;

8.The whole machine adopts separation connection design, easy to enter into lift and workshop.



Technical Date

Cutting Fequency AL-AL:20-35Times/min
Production Capacity AL-AL:4800-7200Edition/Hour
Max Forming Depth AL-AL:18mm  customized forming depth
Travel Range 30-120 mm made to order140 mm
Total Power 380V  50HZ   8.5KW 
PVC Rigid Sheet 0.25-0.5×260 mm
Dialysis Paper 50-100g×260 mm
PTP Aluminum Foil 0.02-0.035 ×260 mm
Cooling Condensate(self)or cold circulating water(optional)
Overall Dimensions 4460(L)×760(W)×1620(H)mm
Weight 1850kg