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LX-HR60 type main technical parameters: (stand-alone)

speed: ≦ 60 box per minter  Max power:5.0kw

Power Supply: AC380V 50HZ Noise: ≦ 70dB

Overall dimension:1800 x1050x1350(L×W×H)mm

Max box size: 200 x 120 x 70(H x W x T)mm

Max box size: 80 x 40 x 30(H x W x T)mm

Available paper: ≧ 350g/m2 (G/SM)

carton paste box: 140 pre-folding before color box paste box, deep indentation

Environment temperature: 25±10 °

stroke: 203.2mm

Weinht: about 1800KG

Note: The width dimension of the carton shall not exceed 25mm within the selected range, the maximum height limit is 280mm, and the maximum width limit is 120mm.

products are widely used: they can be used for food, cosmetics, daily necessities and electrical products in boxes and boxes (can be customized according to user needs).


LX-HR60 Intermittent Vertical Surrounding Cartoners