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LX-120 type main technical parameters: (stand-alone)

speed: ≦ 120 box per minter  Max power: 6.0kw

Power Supply: AC380V 50HZ Noise: ≦ 70dB

Overall dimension: 4850 x1780x1850(L×W×H)mm

Max box size: 220 × 120 × 70(L×W×H)mm

Max box size: 100 × 50 × 30(L×W×H)mm

Available paper: ≧ 350g/m2 (G/SM)

carton paste box: 140 pre-folding before color box paste box, deep indentation

Environment temperature: 25±10 °

stroke: 203.2mm

Weinht: about 2500KG

Remarks: The length of the machine is determined by the number of feeding stations.

products use a wide range of: can be used for food, daily necessities and regular items of automatic packing box packaging.

LX-120 Continuous Food Automatic Cartoned Machine